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Thank You To Our Billets

Thank You To Our Billets

Thank You Billets


The Ownership, staff and players of the North Okanagan Knights would like to thank the many people who have taken members of the club into their homes this year.


We would also like to thank those who have billeted in the past.


Our organization works incredibly hard to make sure our players are in good and supportive homes.


We currently have a tremendous group of people who are caring for our team’s players. In the hockey world, happy and well cared for players will always prosper. Our current players are very fortunate to have the caring and support they are getting from their billet homes.


Our team is progressing in a very positive way. The work of our organization and our billets has been instrumental in the process.


Once again, we thank you so very much for what you are doing for our team.


With Great Respect,


The North Okanagan Knights

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