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To win is even better,
But to love the game
is best of all. 

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Hustle and heart Sets us apart.

Dear Knights Supporters

Dear Knights Supporters,

Thank you very much for your support of the Knights program. Many of you are parents, family and friends of players or members of the association. Others are supporters of the program and some are hockey fans in general.

Regardless of your reasons for following our club, we are thankful that you do.

As you have noticed, our website is slowly improving with information and we simply could not begin to keep up with sending everything out to all of you regularly. As well, in today’s information age, we are aware that many of you are inconvenienced by a large number of emails. Therefore, we will be using this update feature for special circumstances and special occasions.

We encourage you to utilize our website for information. Our news contributors and administrators are working hard to ensure that it is well stocked with valuable information.

Website address is:

We would like to thank you, once again, for your interest in our club and would like to encourage you to continue to follow our club. When I say ‘our’, I mean the club that belongs to all of us – including you, our supporters and fans.


Bryant Perrier

GM/Head Coach

North Okanagan Knights

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