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Hard Working Off Season For Knights Organization

Hard Working Off Season For Knights Organization



In what could be described as a highly productive off season, the North Okanagan Knights find their organization in a very positive state, heading into the 2017-2018 season.

General manager Bryant Perrier says “the organization is in a very stable place right now, and we are looking to become even more successful and significant as the months go on.”

The present off season, which includes an excellent incoming recruiting class has been a good one for The Knights on ice product.

Other encouraging factors include a renewed sense of commitment from sponsors, community boosters and some infrastructural changes.

“We talk about galvanizing things,” Perrier said. “That means to make things stronger. We have done that. We are a stronger team on the ice, we have had people really step up in the community with being boosters and sponsors, and our ownership has been exceptionally committed to continue to help provide a stable and productive environment.”

The club has even see improvements to some of the day to day components it uses.

“We have a very nice bus for our team to ride in comfort and safety, our arena is one of the best in the league and it looks excellent, and our dressing room and facilities are really comfortable and a great place for our guys.”

Our players have a great facility for fitness at Fitness to Life which is located in Armstrong – allowing the players to work out and condition three days a week.

“We now have a full range of Olympic lifting equipment specific to our team’s needs,” Perrier said. “Squat racks, benches, plyometric equipment and a power lifting platform, as well as free weights. It’s really great.”

All of these improvements are part of the evolution of The Knights becoming a significant organization in the KIJHL scene.

“We value player development, we value helping our players academically and we value being able to provide our players with a first class environment for becoming better players and athletes.”

With a highly productive summer a head, Perrier believes The North Okanagan Knights are in a good place.

“The only way this type of improvement could happen, is if the heart of the organization is healthy, and ours is,” he said. “The key people involved in this organization, and its ownership and sponsors, are great people who want the best for our players and our team.”

“With all of the support we get in our community, it is easy to get enthused.”

All of which is lending itself to a great experience for The Knights players.

“When a player leaves an organization, he is going to remember the way he developed and the way he was challenged. He will ask himself if he got our best as a staff and an organization.”

“Our players get the best this organization can come up with every day. And we are very proud of that.”

Off Season Developments

  • Excellent recruiting class.
  • Major solidification in the areas of size, goaltending, experience and credentials.
  • Ability to retain assistant coach Liam McOnie, Graham Watkins and Trainer Jake Keller.
  • Excellent Ownership (Dean, Mynah & Dallas Keller) in place.
  • Solidification and systematization of business practices and procedures.
  • Two players signed at the Junior “A” level.  One in the AJHL and one in the SIJHL.
  • Eight players attending BCHL Main Camps in August.
  • Fitness and weight training facility.
  • Knights private coach liner making travel even more comfortable.
  • First class dressing room area.
  • Beautiful home arena, The Nor-Val Arena..
  • Excellent community support in the area of sponsorship and boosters.
  • Addition of select billet families who have the vision for success of the organization.

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