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Success of High Profile Players Brings Instant Credibility in Recruiting

Success of High Profile Players Brings Instant Credibility in Recruiting

According to Coach Perrier, The 2017-2018 season was a very important one for The Knights in the area of establishing an ever greater credibility among high profile players.

“Guys like Jaden Hay having a very successful season and loving it here is a very important thing,” Perrier said. “Jaden is a high profile player and he loves being here. It attracts other top end players.”

This off season, The Knights attracted six other marquee players – Simon Miron from Mirabel, PQ, Alec Mcleod from Calgary, Zach Willms from Camrose, Nick Ewanchuk from Calgary, Tyler Olsen from Calgary and Jett Saharchuk from Fort St. James.

Perrier believes that the club’s ability to attract high profile players is a great attribute and speaks volumes of the reputation of the organization.

“Players today have a choice and they must agree to these deals,” he said. “Every player we have recruited has agreed to come here based on the organizational philosophy. In the two years we have recruited some pretty high profile guys here that are now playing Junior A.”

“If you do well with even one high profile guy, it can really create a momentum. In the past six months we have attracted some huge names and it has spilled over to this season’s acquisitions.

According to Perrier, the club had zero problem attracting new stars.

“They talk to their friends who played here last year and it was a done deal.  The players are close friends and former teammate all over the KIJHL. Guys talk.”

“Our billets, organizational members and our community can take credit because word is out that this is a great place to play and live. You can do all you want on the ice as a coach, but when players want to be part of your team, it is because of your support system.”

He also credits the type of parents the organization is dealing with.

“We have grateful and cooperative parents and they speak very highly of the way their sons are treated in their billet homes and in the community.”

“It all really helps.”

Perrier says that while there is a common belief that today’s player is harder to work with, he disagrees.

“I see today’s player as more savvy and on his toes,” he said. “Can you mistreat or be dishonest with today’s players? No. Players today expect respect and honesty. If you treat them well, they are great to work with.”

“We think the world of our players and their attitudes.”

“You get what you give.”


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